English Rose

By | 20th January 2019

First post of 2019! I am now starting to get the room that will become my new kitchen ready. The first step is to soundproof the floor. As with the previous room I did I will use Gyprocs Silent Floor system. I took up all the floorboards and put 100mm acoustic insulation into the voids.… Read More »

Gas Monster

By | 25th November 2018

So this week Gas Monster arrived to fit a new boiler and a central heating system comprising of 1 radiator and 1 towel rail. The original plan was to have a proper central heating system of 10 radiators, but I wanted Gas Monster to do the work and they are way too expensive for my… Read More »

Upstairs Ring Main

By | 11th November 2018

I didn’t have much luck in getting in a builder to help complete some tasks. I did get one quote which I accepted but the builder then didn’t give me any bank details to pay his deposit. So, I’ll carry on doing it myself! In a couple of weeks time I do have a heating… Read More »

Time to call in the builders

By | 19th August 2018

Having moved the doorway to another wall, the existing hole needs to be bricked up. I fixed either side metal stabilisers. I’m sure they have another name but I can’t be bothered to check. I am very slow at laying bricks and also I am not very good. Also I do not get any enjoyment… Read More »

Move an Internal Door

By | 29th July 2018

I have now started on the room where my new kitchen will be. The first thing I need to do is move the internal door from one wall to another. To save money buying a new door and frame I decided I would try and take out the old one in one piece. When this… Read More »

Aluprof MB-78EI Window

By | 8th July 2018

The window near the external staircase has to be replaced with a non-opening one that is capable of resisting a fire for at least 30 minutes. You may remember from a previous blog, which I cannot find, that I had already bought £500’s worth of Glass Blocks. I did that as it was a cheap… Read More »

May 2018 update

By | 3rd June 2018

During May I started thinking about the new kitchen for the Flat. It’s going to go where my bedroom currently is, so I needed to move into the smaller room I had created near the new front door. One thing that has always bugged me about this room is that the floor dips massively in… Read More »

That Sinking Feeling

By | 6th May 2018

My brother’s business has just replaced all their office chairs. With a small bit of negotiating I picked up one of the old ones for free. Well, sort of free. It actually cost me a Heston Blumenthal Coffee Grinder and Coffee Machine. But as I had a surplus of these items I’ll consider it free!… Read More »

How to fix a dripping tap

By | 2nd April 2018

Dripping taps are a real problem. In fact it’s torture. Drip, drip, drip, drip……. Part of my handy tips, here’s what to do. Start removing the entire sink unit. Then, grab yourself a spare kitchen sink. At this point I came a bit unstuck. I didn’t have any plumbing items to connect it. The taps… Read More »

External Staircase

By | 30th March 2018

Time to replace the Ladder with a proper external staircase. No part of the staircase or balustrade can be fixed to the glass fibre roof. A metal frame is first fixed to the walls. Then the staircase gets built up. The four legs will get concreted in. WordPress is really slow at loading the photos… Read More »