2nd Attempt at Landscaping

Following on from the aborted 1st go at landscaping, seen here https://www.korfi.co.uk/second-shed-base/ I hired KR Groundworks to take over.

After discussing options over the shed base we decided on using block paving instead. The new plan looks like this:

What I want is dark grey blocks boarded with light grey ones. All my boundaries will have a metal fence that I had already bought.

Task 1 is dealing with the existing so-called concrete shed base.


One thing that needed sorting out is coming up with a solution to hide a fairly ugly shed.

I had a lot of ideas of attaching things to the shed, like bamboo, but they were generally pooh poohed. I reluctantly agreed to having coloured boards fixed to my lovely new fence. The actual fence wouldn’t hide it as it is a metal security fence, not a timber boarded one.

Anyway, diggers came in and dug up the area.

The driveway blocks will be non-permeable. This means we have to provide a drainage solution to comply with building regs. For this we have a soakaway made of plastic crates.

These have to be wrapped in a geotextile membrane to stop soil getting into it.

Drain connections are made and covered with small gravel.

A delivery of MOT 1 hardcore is dropped off, more will be needed as it’s a big area to fill!

The fence I went for is Jackson’s Barbican. It is a security fence but it should look nice against the dark grey blocks. The first panel is installed.

The panels come in 3 mtr lengths, so will need cutting. Each panel is inserted into a clip on the post. This means you have to install one panel and one post at a time.

The second panel was a short one and had to be cut.

Looks good, but it’s in the wrong place! It needed to be 300mm closer to the other post.
This was soon rectified.

The small tapered panel offers no security, its just there to cosmetically divide our drives.

Onto the camouflage of the ugly shed. What will this look like. I chose an Olive Green colour.

Yeah, it looks pretty good. Always trust the builder!

Next up are the edgings. These are needed to keep the drive from splaying outwards when a car drives on it.

A drainage channel is installed and connected to the soakaway pipework.

More MOT1 hardcore is delivered and leveled and rolled.

The blocks are Marshalls Keyblok 60mm which are more for commercial builds than residential. They don’t appear in their catalog.

The area that was going to be the concrete shed base is done first. The area is covered with a textile material to separate the hardcore from the sand.

Sand is laid and levelled.

Blocks are then laid – how exciting !

With this done the last part of the fencing can go in.

Then the main drive starts to be laid.

At the end of each day it is covered to protect from the heavy rain we have been having.

All the blocks are laid slightly proud of the edges. Fine Kiln sand is then swept into all gaps. A whacker plate goes over the entire surface forcing some of the sand below up into the gaps and leaving the blocks at their true finished level.

And it’s done.

Getting my car into the parking space is actually quite awkward as there isn’t much room on the road bit. I do question if I got my measurements right on where my boundary is. But if I compare an old picture that still had some of the garden wall in it.

to where the gate and fence now are…

…. and I’m not sure !

So, in conclusion. It looks excellent and I’m really pleased with it. If you are looking to get a driveway or fence done then I can recommend KR Groundworks. They do have a website with contact info, but as I write this, they are currently rebuilding the site so there isn’t any content yet.

A few more pics of the finished area as I have loads!

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