3D Plan

I have changed my mind so many times since my original plans that it was about time I had a new set of drawings done to reflect a layout which will be my final decision.

My architect is http://www.gowler-architectural.co.uk/

You can look at the 3D version by clicking here https://autode.sk/33MbXPN

The software is a bit clunky in Microsoft Edge, but still pretty cool.

There are 3 views available. A complete building and 2 cut away models. It will default to the first floor cut away.

At the bottom of the page are various controls to zoom in and rotate it.

Moving to the second view doesn’t seem to work to well in Edge. I had to click on it, then hit the browser refresh button.

The ground floor is where I have made the biggest changes to design. It always felt a bit wrong and not a great use of space. The new layout works really well.

It does however work really well on an Android mobile phone. The 3 views are presented with pictures, although the 3rd one was having trouble loading.

But, you can zoom in and rotate much better using your fingers.

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