Why Korfi ?

Good question !

The primary use of this site is to record how I went about splitting a property that has both a Commercial part and a Residential part.

Well, I am calm, considered and organised.
I am Moody, Irrational and Impulsive.
I’m all of these, dependent on the position of the moon in its Lunar Cycle and the level of alcohol in my body.

It all started with a dream.

I want to own and run a Launderette.

Main reason being, I am not a people person. I want a shop that has no Staff! A self-serve launderette fits that bill.
Step one to this dream is to own a shop. My calm and organised side is kicking in here.
A shop was for sale in Chatteris. I asked the local council if I was to buy it would they let me use it as a Launderette.
They said No.
I bought it anyway. My Irrational and Impulsive side kicking in.

So, while the purchase was going through, I was thinking of other ideas for shops without staff.
A shop with just Vending Machines was the answer. Alcohol levels now were high. This was the best idea in the world, and had to secure a website before anybody stole my idea.
I bought www.justvending.co.uk and done nothing with it since.

Apart from the Launderette dream, I also think I’d like to open a small coffee shop. This would mean dealing with human beings so it had always been a back burner thing. Then Bang! another one of my fantastic irrational ideas came to me. I’d have a coffee shop and call it Coffee, but spelt how the Americans pronounce it in New York or Brooklyn. Sort of like Qwoffee.
So I bought Korfi.co.uk !

Anyway, all of this is academic, as the shop is being used as a Charity Shop. It has been for over 5 years. The answer was actually staring me in the face. Just be a Landlord! No staff issues.

So, rather than buy yet another website just so I can write a Blog, I thought I would use one of the two I already had.

I chose a nice cup of Korfi.