Armitage Shanks Contour 21

The shop will only have one toilet. Rules surrounding disability is a little confusing as to when it has to be applied. As there will be so few people using it, I don’t believe I need to provide a disabled toilet, but for future proofing thought it best to do it anyway.

So, I bought the Armitage Shanks Contour 21 suite, which has everything all bundled up in a single box on a wooden pallet.

Being totally unobservant I didn’t notice that I don’t have 4 long grab rails as shown in the picture. I only have 3 long ones and a short one for the back of the door. Also the large drop down arm of mine is damaged and the toilet roll holder only accepts rolls of a certain diameter. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my Andrex Roll onto it. So, I am already not overly impressed. I’ll have to contact the manufacturer about it.

Apparently, if there is only one toilet and it shares disability, then it should have an additional wash basin at a height for ‘Standing’ customers. Surely an abled bodied human being can bend down a bit to wash their hands, it’s only 10cm lower. Anyway, I forgot all about this rule and haven’t provided plumbing for another sink so it will have to do.

Everything has to be at a set distance.

I had a few problems just starting this project. I did the plumbing myself in Hep20 plastic pipes. They are good, and don’t leak. However, everything else leaked. The toilet cistern has two holes at the bottom. One to take in the cold water and the other which does bugger all. Both have poor plastic screw fittings to stop water. It also didn’t stop filling up with water. The instructions are very confusing as they cover multiple models and never quite sure which picture resembled mine.

So, after I called out a plumber to help fix it I could continue. Even now, there is still a small amount of water dripping from the ‘bugger all’ hole.

I made a vague attempt at decorating the room first in as much as the walls got 2 coats of paint. Everything else I have left for another day.

This was when I realised I was a grab bar short.

The large drop down bar has to be 23cm away from the centre of the toilet. I measured it perfectly, then installed it 4cms too close to the toilet! No idea how I did that. Really, I should move it but it took ages getting the four bolts in the wall. Then when I put the plastic trim on, the useless supplied screw lost its ability to hug a screwdriver and is now stuck.

Couldn’t get the screw in on the other side as there is no room. Even if I had put it in the right place, it’s still too close to the cistern. I tried my small ratchet screwdriver, but the again the screw was useless to keep in contact with it.

The damage end is here:

I finished putting everything up. I need to get a paper towel holder to go above the sink. I also need to get a full length mirror.

The automatic soap dispenser (not Armitage Shanks) is also pretty poor. So far out of 15 attempts it has dispensed only twice, and it was an amount of the size of a petite pois.

The smaller grab rail goes on the door.

Considering the amount of money spent on items I am a little disappointed with the end result.

The toilet itself only uses 4 ltrs of water. I just don’t think that is enough for a full flush, although so far it has flushed everything with a single flush. Doesn’t seem to be any way of getting it to use more. The cistern holds 7-8 litres so a lot of water just sits there. Well, slowly leaks out anyway.

Update 31st Jan 2021

Armitage Shanjs is owned by Ideal Standard and they have an excellent email customer support system. I reported the missing grab rail and damaged end piece, and they sent me replacements almost straight away.

I also found that Tesco own brand toilet rolls have a wider diameter so they just fit the roll holder. Still a bit still to pull pieces off. Just a bad design.

Having bought a load of metal toilet signs to show that is was for Male, Female and Disabled I ended buying another sign that just states the obvious and everyone can use it.

2 thoughts on “Armitage Shanks Contour 21

  1. Makes me realise why I don’t like doing plumbing jobs.

  2. > it should have an additional wash basin at a height for ‘Standing’ customers

    I have been in loads of cafes that only have a disabled toilet for all customers, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with TWO sinks!

    Can you adjust the height of the float to get more water into the cistern (before it goes to the overflow)?

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