Back draught shutter pt2

As seen on my previous review of there is a design fault of the plastic flaps that are supposed to act as a back draught shutter.

The problem is just a gentle wind will create a vacuum and suck the flaps open, then force them shut again, creating an unbearable noise. Well, to me its unbearable, to others maybe a mild irritation.

So, my plan is to stop the wind flying directly in by covering the outside holes with over sized cowls.

To do this safely I got a tower and then recruited somebody other than me to climb it!

They cover them nicely.

This was done on a clear sunny day with no wind, and there was no noise. But since then we have had plenty of wind both gentle and violent.

Do the cowls do the job ? Have I fixed the issue ?


Still a bloody racket. Clack, Clack, Clack.

The motor with the propeller does pull out to get a better look at the shutter.

All 3 fans have the shutter in a different place, some not quite vertical so I adjusted them to bring them forward.

Made no difference, they still get sucked open.

I have some felt pads which may dampen the noise.

But I need to take the fan fascia off to get the shutter out, which is a task for another day. I have bought a different shutter to replace one of them, so again I’ll try that next week.

The cowls may have been better if the bottom was flat rather than angled.

My search for silence continues……

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