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It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. The shop floor is at the stage where I need to consider flooring.

The bay windows have now been boxed in and the electric cabinet finished.

I wanted something that I could lay myself, and be able to remove it easily. I got samples of this EcoTile.

But the wooden floor I have is very uneven. These tiles interlink like a jigsaw puzzle piece, but I found the edges would not lay flat, even with underlay beneath them. This would cause a trip hazzard. They also have the potential to expand under direct sunlight. The huge shop windows act like a greenhouse in the summer, so I ruled these out.

I finally went with Bergo Unique tiles in charcoal grey. These are smaller but have a much better design for joining.

I didn’t get any samples of these. The manufacturer assured me they would be perfect for my uneven floor.

The instructions say to start in a corner but all their examples are based on a perfectly square floor. My room has funny angles on all four walls so I experimented by loose laying to get a feel of the best cuts.

I decided to keep it level with the floorboard run, which would mean both sides would have tapered cuts at the edges.

The whole tiles go down very fast. The edges take longer as I cut them with a jigsaw. I did also buy perimeter edging but I found I didn’t need to use it.

At this point I wanted to provide a channel across the floor whereby I could supply power to the shop counters if I needed to.

They have to extend across the entire floor otherwise the tiles would be out of line. But it looks very neat.

I’m sure keeping these clean is going to be a pain!

I was worried that the tapered edges would look odd, but with them all down it is fine.

I have started putting in the shop counters, but they are all flat-pack so taking a while.

In summary then I can recommend these Bergo Tiles. Good quality, easy to cut and fit.

I will update this in 6 months time to see how they faired with people walking all over them and the impact of sun/expansion. And of course how easy it was to keep them clean!

7 thoughts on “Bergo Unique Floor Tile

  1. Great job Daron. It’s looking really good now. Are they easy to take one up?

  2. They look great — though I would definitely be interested to know how easy they are to clean, what with the grooves in each tile!

  3. That was my immediate thought too. Just how much “stuff” will end up going through the holes? I guess time will tell.

    It’s looking more and more like a shop Daron!

    1. Fear not everybody, I have an industrial ‘Henry’ hoover on the way. All ‘Stuff’ shall be picked up. Just hope people don’t loose their wedding rings in the slots, or a High Heel customer breaks an ankle while walking across it. But I am insured!

  4. Daz, one thing that did cross my mind, are you planning any CCTV? Now I work in a shop I have realised how many thieves there are out there.

    1. I didn’t include CCTV just to save a bit of money, but will look to get something installed once I am up and running and have some income coming in.

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