Bye Bye Staircase

Time to take out the staircase. From this point there is no turning back, the property will be split in two. My only way of getting to the upper floor is by using the external staircase.

As my kitchen and living room will still be on the ground floor for a while, this will be a little inconvenient!

Onto the staircase, first of all I did some prep work in removing the carpet.

On the other side of the staircase there is panelling so I took that off.

This revealed who made the staircase.

Thank you J Peggs for your excellent craftmanship. I am now going to destroy your masterpiece. Sorry…

Bannisters were the first to go. Just needed a club hammer to bash them out.

A sledgehammer was then used to knock the stringer away from the steps.

It came out remarkably easily.

I am then left with a massive hole in the floor, which needs to be filled with joists.

I had a lot of left over joists from when the flat roof had to be replaced. They needed a good 50mm taking off to get them to the correct depth. First they get screwed into position, then joist hangers are attached to firmly keep them in place.

Last step, to stop me falling through in the middle of the night, is some temporary boarding.

So, bye bye staircase, I think I may miss you..

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