I have now been granted A2 license on my shop. This allows the space to be used as an Office. I still have the A1 Retail license. This does give me more options for when it’s time to find tenants.

But the Covid-19 bomb exploded on the High Street. We have had many casualties. There are a lot of empty shops here, including my one. Will tenants actually want to return to the High Street and commit to a long term lease.

So, I am thinking I could actually run the shop myself. Not my Launderette idea, that would be way too expensive to set up.
Not my Vending Machine idea, although I still like that one.

This is bringing forward an idea I had many years ago.

When I worked for Safeway – the greatest supermarket ever! – at their head office, we had a separate building for the canteen. It catered for over 200 people (probably exaggerating). At the entrance was a lobby area they used to rent the space to a market stall, or a craft stall or anybody who wanted to pitch up and sell or demo something. I always knew them as concessions.

I could do that.

There is enough room for 3 areas to be rented out on a daily basis

Not being one who gets carried away with ideas (I lie) I could call the shop Concessions at number 28.

I really like this logo.

I generated it online within 5 mins using I would need to buy the rights to it, which isn’t much. Although you cannot save designs on the site and I cannot get this one back.

The space above is 4 mtrs long by 1.5 mtrs and can have a window display. The space opposite is about the same.

The one at the back is a bit shorter at 3.5 mtrs but a little deeper at 1.8 mtrs.

If I did go with this, I would change the colour of the shop to a yellow / gold colour, similar to the picture of the shop in the top picture. It would look better against the brown tiles than the green currently does.

As I am okay at using WordPress for this blog, I could get Woo Commerce plug in to handle the sales and booking side of things.

I could have a digital display in the window advertising who this weeks Concessions were.

What about the website name. I wouldn’t want to use Korfi as nobody knows what it means. That said, not everyone knows what the word Concessions means in a retail sense.

I think is a bit long. Although, now I’ve typed it out it doesn’t look too bad. I could go for a really small url like:
This was when I realised that I have been abbreviating the word number incorrectly for all my life. NBR is not a very common method. Or does it need the word concessions in it:

That’s my current thinking. In the world of lockdowns and working from home I could manage this. If things ever return to normal, then I couldn’t.

What is difficult to gauge is how many people would want to use the space for a day or a week.

4 thoughts on “Concessions

  1. Nice post. Concessions28 is my preference. Good idea in theory although income might not be steady. But in the current climate who knows, there might be a flurry of interest. I’d imagine that people who had been made redundant or who wanted to test an new business out without committing to a full shop rental could get started out with a smaller plot within your shop. Definitely worth exploring because you could trial this idea without all the branding and if there’s an appetite for it then invest in the branding website etc afterwards.

    1. Thanks Vince – Today was the annual Chatteris Yard Sale, which I took part in. I got lots of good feedback to the idea and people interested in taking a spot. A good day.

  2. Hope the weekend went well. Good luck with the new project, could be a good chance to get some interest in the shop.

  3. i think this is a great idea. Would be good space to rent for craft type things and potentially for charities to enable a space to fundraise depending on charges. Certainly is better than having an other empty shop in high Street.

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