To fit out the kitchenette / Staff room for the shop I had at first considered flat-pack units from Magnet or Travis Perkins or B&Q as they are fairly cheap. But, I didn’t really have time myself to install it all.

The labour part of a builders quote just to put together the flat pack units is really high. So it made better sense to buy a fully constructed carcass. It’s still a little more expensive that way, but not much.

A colleague at work mentioned to me a couple of years ago. Now was the time to put them to the test, so I ordered all the units from them.

The website to begin with was a little confusing in terms of door colour and carcass colour as you are not quite sure it has remembered your selection. But they give you a delivery date, and for me it was bang on. Two separate drivers turned up to unload, I guess for Covid reasons. Each unit is fully complete, including door.

All that is needed is to put on the legs.

Although I have employed a kitchen installer to do the actual work, I wanted to do a quick check that the units I bought would actually fit the space. It would be embarrassing if they didn’t.

Also, I still needed to provide the water supply to the tap.

Hopefully, I got them in the right place. Don’t worry, unlike my bathroom work the water seen on the floor are not leaks this time.

The sink side looks okay. There is a gap to the right but that’s okay as the corner join will be further apart than how I placed them. Although I should have bought a filler panel for the end as I’m sure there will still be a gap.

The long end also looks good. Plenty of room for the fridge.

When the Kitchen Installers arrived they noticed one damaged wall unit.

Not a deal breaker. They fixed it and I cannot actually tell now where the damage was. But I did let DIY Kitchens know as it looks more of a build fault than a damage one.

First impressions of the install is really good. I love my colour choice of Sage doors and a Grey Sparkle square edge worktop. I do need to clean that floor!

The door handles look great but the supplied screws were twice the length they needed to be. So they had to cut over 30 screws in half – I mean why are supplied so long, you wouldn’t put them an internal room door, only cupboard doors.

For the wall units all the shelves were installed. But for the base units they didn’t so that’s a bit annoying as its something else I have to do.

All the wall units are perfectly in line with the base units. There is so much storage space here, no way I will fill them all. What do I need – a few mugs , some tea bags and coffee. But I am now prepared.

But one thing it has proved, when I refit my proper kitchen in the flat I will use DIY Kitchens and most likely the same Shaker style and colour, it looks really good.

While taking these pictures I saw a great big scratch on the worktop and went in hyper panic mode.

Running my fingers over it felt like a deep cut in the surface. My mood instantly changed as I couldn’t believe it wasn’t spotted. I’ve just spent thousands of pounds on a kitchen and having it professionally installed and it looks fucked.

I raised a complaint with DIY Kitchens although no idea how they will fix it. I really don’t want to replace it.

I let the Installer know, who replied within 10 mins and said try cleaning it first as it could just be residual from the cling film it come wrapped in.

Nonsense I thought, but I got out the Jiff cream and gave it a good clean.

Okay, so, I may have over reacted here. The installer was right, it’s now perfectly smooth! Gods sake, why couldn’t they clean it themselves to save me this emotional grief.

Anyway, so I am now in a bad mood as I carry on inspecting it.

The sink is in and looks good, but they are leaving the connection of the tap and waste to me. They did say and will remove the cost from the bill, but you just think Humph, the kitchen is still not done and another job I have to find time to do. I’d rather pay the money and just end up with a complete kitchen.

But let’s not confuse the install with the quality of DIY Kitchens. I am really impressed with the quality of it. They are a very organised company. The ordering website could be tweaked a bit, but the delivery team are part of the company and were very nice people. Every item has a labelled number on it which acts as a reference if it was damaged. That said, when I used their website to register the damages I noticed, the numbers did not actually match up, so a good idea that doesn’t actually work.

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  1. Looks really nice. I’m sure by the time you’ve put a kettle/toaster/microwave in it will fill up the counter space a bit. Not sure how you are going to fill all those units though.

  2. I’m sure with some “staff” using the building there will be lots of scope to fill the cupboards with any old gubbins over time! Looks great.

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