Electric Meter

Unlike the Gas Meter, moving the Electric Meter has been a horrible experience.

I had believed that my Riser I installed myself was now ready for a meter. UK Power Networks have created a new MPAN number for the flat, so I opened a new residential account with SSE. I explained I had a sub-main/riser to the flat. But I omitted to tell them the cables weren’t actually connected.

Stupidly, I assumed SSE would make that connection as they have authority to take out the main fuses.

They arrived, and we had a big argument when he refused to fit the meter.

So I went back to UK Power Networks and asked for 50 billionth time, who on earth owns which part of the system.

They sent me this PDF, which is pretty interesting although it still isn’t crystal clear.

So, reading through it, I can see in the flat I need a Red-Link rather than a fuse. I bought one.

They also told me I needed to make the fused isolator in the shop secure because it is between the main fuse and cutout. Which means you could just bypass the meters altogether and have free electricity!!

But these cases don’t come with any security arrangements. I had to buy special screws and my own security tags. But, I am now the BNO according to the document, which means I am responsible for all the electric circuits in the building.

I find the whole thing daft because if I or anyone else really wanted to cheat the system, then why not just take out the main cutout fuse and bypass it there?

Another thing I am trying to do is upgrade the main fuses from 60amps to 100amps.
But, before UK Power Networks will do that, which is free, I have to have all the meter tails upgraded from 16mm to 25mm.

I am also using SSE for the shop meter, which has to be a commercial account. SSE not only upgraded the meter tails, but gave me a brand new meter and installed it in my special cupboard I built – again all free.

The existing meter for the flat needed taking out, rather than upgrading.

This belongs to Eon. They are not free. They charged me £140 to remove it.

I just had to remove the old consumer units.

It’s starting to look a lot tidier now.

UK Power Networks will upgrade the fuses and power up the sub-main. They actually call it a Private-Riser.
But they will only do that If I supply a letter from the electrician that installed it so say it meets regulations.
This is where you can come unstuck by messing around with the electrics yourself!

I decided I may as well complete the wiring in the flat by employing a proper electrician and getting them to check my work.
They didn’t like the exposed cables in the flat because they were not double insulated – despite my bodge attempt to make it look triple insulated!

So the red-link was moved again. Then the SWA cable was joined to proper meter tails in the metal box. It is a bit more professional than mine.

With that done and letter supplied, UK Power networks replaced the 3 phase cutout, made the riser live and tested it.

This is better, I now have each property on its own phase. I did ask them if it could be moved onto the other wall, under my special cupboard. But the main cable in is encased in lead and can’t be moved. It would need to be replaced – which isn’t free.

Finally, I was able to get SEE to come out again on Tuesday.
They failed to turn up!
They came out Wednesday as an emergency, considering the flat was now being rewired. I may also get compensation for the missed visit but I won’t hold my breath.

I’ve actually got a meter in the flat!!!!

One thing I cannot quite work out. The ground floor and first floor are now split. But my internet connection comes into the flat. I then have BT extender sockets in the flat and the ground floor. This still works – the signal can navigate the 3 phases.

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