Extend Central Heating

With winter upon us I needed to extend my central heating system so that I have heat in every room in the flat.

This involves adding 5 radiators and moving the bathroom radiator that was previously installed. I used Uponor’s Q&E system again.

With the red and blue connections it makes a fashion statement against the chrome pipes – well, in my eyes anyway….

In the room that was going to be the bathroom and will now be a combined Office and Utility room I fitted one of the radiators that I had, but it was too wide and looked rubbish.

So I had to buy another much smaller one.

After draining the system of water the first task was to take off the towel rail radiator and move it to the bathroom.

I had already laid all the pipes under the floor boards.

A couple of the radiators don’t look so pretty with the red and blue collars. But as long as it works I’ll be happy.

I also has to reconfigure all the pipes where I had experimented before with Uponor Q&E. I couldn’t get the sound proofing system onto the joists as pipes were in the way.

Once all the radiators were connected it was time to refill the system. You have to add an inhibitor to it. I bought a special EazyFill device whereby I just pour a full pack of liquid into a radiator.

I turned the boiler on and crossed my fingers.

Success!!! I have heat.

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