Final noisy back draught shutter

Storm Ciara arrived and the entire property is vibrating as the plastic shutters whack open and closed. It is unbearable. It can only be the apocalypse.

I saw some good reviews of a new back draught shutter that doesn’t have plastic flaps, but instead very thin transparent things.

I dismantled the existing fan.

Took out the plastic piece of crap.

I held up the new one and storm Ciara sent it into a frenzy. It was just as loud as the other one. It wasn’t quite wide enough so the vortex of pressure sucked it from my hand and flung it into the hole.

What a piece of utterly stupid design. Who on earth invented it. It just does not work yet used in just about every domestic extractor fan. They must be laughing their heads off !

As I had dismantled it all, I decided I would stick on those felt pads I had previously bought.

The video doesn’t do it justice. This was filmed with storm Ciara and I have to say they suppressed the noise 100 fold. It is the solution I will live with.

The downside is that the flaps now cannot completely close so there is a permanent trickle vent in action. But I had that anyway so for now, fine.

1 thought on “Final noisy back draught shutter

  1. Just had a thought about our fans. None of them vent directly through the wall. We have two ceiling mounted ones that have a length of ducting before they exit the building, this seems to negate a lot of noise. Although the storms over the last few weeks have made things rattle a fair bit, I have been woken a few times thinking the roof was going to come off.

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