Final Shop Floor spec

This is likely to be a temporary post as it’s just for detailing work required for the shop for quoting purposes.

A summary of the jobs is:

  1. Shop floor carpentry/joinery
    • Box in window bays with mdf panels
    • Fill exposed brick area around cupboard
    • Fit doors to cupboard
    • Fix the floorboards
    • Fit Fire Door
  2. Soundproof ceiling in Office
  3. Lay tiles in back half of shop
  4. Install kitchen cabinets, sink and worktop.

Shop floor carpentry/joinery

The max thickness of the boards for the window bays is about 21 mm, so next standard size under that is 18mm. It could be MDF, or could be the same 18mm marine ply as used in Job 03
The front panels don’t need to be as thick. The one in front of the 3 phase fuse box needs to be removeable.
I do have plenty of old floorboards, but not as thick as those in the shop.

Soundproof ceiling in office

This requires 2 x layers of 12.5 mm soundbloc plasterboard, second layer staggered over first. Important to get the right sized and type of screw as they need to go through the resilient bars and NOT the joist. Around the perimeter of each layer needs to be acoustic sealant.
I use
You will probably get through 15 tubes!

Tiling Floor

The overboarding of the floorboards need to be sturdy. 18mm marine ply screwed every 150mm seems to be the recommendation. May be worth taking the skirting boards off first (most are already off)
In the video where I talk about the step, it will probably be level with the 18mm boards anyway.
An alternative to plywood are 12mm hardie backing boards

Tiling in the staff room can start whenever, but the overboarding cannot start until Groundworks have completed the toilet water supply and waste pipe.

The tiles need to be grey and anti slip e.g.

Kitchen Units, worktop and sink

This can’t really start until I have the hot and cold water sorted out, although I could run the pipes in advance.

I think these units from Travis Perkins will be fine.

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