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Despite all the bad luck I have with the different trades I employ, occasionally I am rewarded with a trade that actually knows what they are doing.

I had feared that moving the gas meter out of the shop and placing it 10 meters away was going to be a nightmare. It didn’t start well with me having to pay the full cost up front before they even send out someone to survey if it is possible to do.

However, Cadent, are actually a well oiled machine, with different teams responsible for different aspects.

Team 1 arrive on site to Corden off the road with bollards.
Team 2 then arrive with barriers to create a walkway.

Team 3 arrive to do the main task. Laying the pipes underground from the High Street to the side of the house via the alleyway.

This is cleverly done with a Mole. Holes are dug at each end, then a mole digs through. This means little disruption to the top surface.

Team 4 then arrive, well a single person, to move the meter from the shop and connect it up in the new place.

The only problem I had with team 4 was that the copper pipe going up into the flat was more than 1 wrung on a ladder. Apparently this is very dangerous and against their health and safety policy.

I did point out that the flat has always been in that position so surely he should have arranged a scaffold tower. After a phone call to his boss, he used my ladder, and did a very good job.

The last team, team 5, do the restoration work. All the mess caused by team 3 is fixed by team 5. But they didn’t turn up till 3 days later. In the meantime Chatteris High Street still has all the bollards in place.

They did do a pretty decent job though.

After that team 2 return to pick up the barriers.
Then team 1 come back to remove the bollards.

5 days later I received a £60 refund cheque from them. No explanation as to why, most likely compensation for team 5 being late.

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