Job 01 – The Results

The work I wanted doing under the ‘spec’ blog post has now been completed and I am very pleased with it. Minimal text here, mainly pics.

The wall I was struggling to take down, was removed in a morning. That’s the difference between Professional and DIY’er.

We kept a bit of the wall holding up the toilet cistern.
Then the sound blocks went in. They are extremely heavy.

The gaps around the top layer of blocks between the joists I filled with fire rated expanded foam.

I then fixed plasterboard cuts to each face. Just need to silicone the new gaps, and that completely divides the room.

The walls will be rendered with plaster at a later stage. The ceiling needs putting up first.

The next task was to brick up the external toilet door.

As it happens, I have kept so many bricks over the years that I actually have a pretty good match to the existing. We are not going to key them into the outer edge, although that is an option. I think it’s going to be noticeable either way that it has been bricked up.

I’m happy with that.

Next is to sort out the other door. I went for a metal security door from Lathams (

That tidies up the back of the property. I now have a good sized utility room for the flat above.
The other internal door into the room was also bricked up.

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