Job Spec 01 – Utility Room

This blog post is intended for builders who would be interested in quoting for this piece of work. The aim is to maintain social distancing which could be difficult with an on-site viewing.

Job Description

To create a self contained utility room on the ground floor, to be used by the flat above as there is no room for me to put the washing machine and dryer (even though I put plumbing in place!).
The room will also be of a good size to provide additional storage for the flat.

Job Tasks

I have split the job into 7 tasks (A – G). This gives the option of quoting for the entire job, or smaller chunks. The last two parts will be costly in terms of materials, so I may defer to later in the conversion project.

TASK A – Demolish Wall

As can be seen I did start this. I was trying to remove the plaster first, then carefully remove each breeze block so that I could reuse them. However, I am rethinking that plan as it takes forever. The wall can now come down in any method.
There are approx. 85 breeze blocks to take down. They are also intertwined with the internal leaf of the external wall.
The other side of that breeze block wall is a toilet.

Although the toilet will eventually be removed, probably best to retain it while building work goes on. So, just need to be careful with the cistern and water pipe.

Once the wall is taken down, and all rubble removed, I can move the water pipes so that they are all in the correct half of the room.

TASK B – Open up doorway to kitchen

The old external door was covered up when the extension was built in the 90’s. It just consists of a single leaf of breeze blocks (approx. 18) and some plasterboard sheets.
At the moment the electric circuit is in the way, but I will aim to redirect it myself. On the other side is currently a cold water pipe feeding the washing machine. But, once TASK A is complete I will move all the water pipes.
The old door frame also needs taking out.

TASK C – Build New Partition Wall

The flat roof extension needs to be divided in half. The picture above shows where I have cut away a strip of vinyl floor sheet and placed a couple of breeze blocks.
I want this to be a solid wall as it will be better to hold shelves. It also needs to comply with building regs for sound/insulation.
Maybe something like these blocks
They could then be faced each side with 2 x layers of 19mm Soundbloc plasterboard. I do like overkill solutions!

The length of the wall will be 3.84 meters.
The height of the wall will be 2.64 meters (It needs to encase the joists so that the room is 100% split.

It doesn’t need finishing with plaster. That can all be done as part of a separate plasterers job.

TASK D – Brick up internal door way.

Remove the door frame and all associated timber. This was originally the external wall. Solid double skin, 225mm wide.

I have enough bricks which can be used for this purpose.

No rendering needs to take place at this stage.

TASK E – Brick up external doorway

The door on the left needs removing and the entrance bricking up. This is a cavity wall. Ideally the external bricks will be matched with existing. If a match cannot be found, then maybe use a completely different material and make a feature ?

The other door is part of task F

TASK F – Replace outside door with new one

This door and its frame is rotten and needs replacing. What I want is quite expensive, so depending on the cost of the other tasks I may defer till later.

I want a white steel security door with a glass panel. It needs to open inwards and be hinged on the right.

I like this door :
But once you start adding options it takes you over £500, which is actually still a good price for an external door.

TASK G – Internal Fire Door

Again, the door here is quite pricey so I may defer.

The internal doorway that was opened up during task B requires a fire rated door and frame, and it needs glass panels.

I like this door:

Standard door sizes and my door frame sizes aren’t particularly compatible so a bit of thought on what size to buy is needed.


That is all the tasks. Here is a video of the rooms to give a better idea of what can be expected. There is a parking space at the rear.

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