Moving Meters Part 1

I’m sure this is going to be a saga getting my Electricity and Gas meters moved so I will start with Part 1 and see how we go.

With Electricity, you need to know who owns which part of the system. This is a typical ownership diagram which I got from EDF Energy website.

I want to move my meter from the ground floor shop to the room above. It is about 3 meters away which is boardering on the limit. I had an on-site meeting with my Distribution Company – UK Power Networks as I thought my supply needed to be moved.

He said the supply will only ever come into a property on the ground floor and that each property only ever has a single supply. To have a meter for the shop and a meter for the flat I would need a 3-Phase Supply. This is expensive to put in and would involve digging up the High Street. I said, but I already have two meters, how are they working. We removed the panels to expose the fuse board.

So, I already have a 3-Phase Supply. 3 fuses all at 60 amps. That saves a lot of money!
Although not sure why both meters are being supplied from just one fuse.

I asked him who would replace the meter tails between the meter and the fuse cutout board.

He said my Supplier – which is Eon Energy. That ties in with the EDF diagram.

I phone Eon, and failed immediately. They have an auto service on the phone that tries to work out my account number by asking me questions. We could not get past the Post Code. When it did recognise the Post Code, it then failed to recognise me saying ‘yes’ and started again.
I then used their online chat service, and she said that Eon do not replace meter tails. She said that is the responsibility of UK Power Networks. Oh dear, here we go.
She put me through to the meter exchange appointments team, and I spoke to someone who changed his answer every time. One minute he is saying Eon do not do it, then he said it costs £68 to connect meter tails, then back to not doing it.

Maybe I need to change Supplier. I emailed Octopus Energy.
So far they have ignored me.


To move the Gas meter I have to go through Cadent Gas Limited.
They have a bizarre system whereby they estimate the cost, which you have to pay upfront. Only after you have paid do they carry out a site survey, and if the price differs they will refund you. (or most likely charge you more)
I just wanted the meter shown above twisted and moved closer to the outside wall so that a flush fitting meter box could be installed.
Their estimate for this is £1,100
Well, I’m not paying that.
I asked how much it would cost to remove the meter from the shop, dig a 10 meter trench the bury the supply so that the meter is really close to my boiler.
Estimate £1,600. Just £500 more to do a shit load of work.

I have paid that. Lets see what happens when they do the site survey.
stayed tuned for Part 2!

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