Numatic NQS 250

The domestic version of this vacuum cleaner is the ‘Henry’ well known for its smiley face.

I went for the Numatic version because it has a slightly more powerful motor but mainly because it is made of metal rather than plastic. It does not come with a smiley face installed, but includes Stickers if you wish too.

It comes with a long length of yellow cable which is replaceable should you damage it. Lots of attachments also, but it took me ages to work out how they attach to that black nozzel thing. I even started dismantling it.

It just simply slides into it. Cannot believe I spent so long trying a load of different methods before doing the obvious one.

It is very light so I can easily walk around with it. The main reason for getting this was to keep my new shop tiled floor clean.

I had one with polystyrene stuck in the holes.

The main suction head I was using failed to pick it up so that was disappointing. I then tried the round headed brush thing.

This picked up the large bit but couldn’t get the small bits. After a few minutes trying it dawned in me that the other white specks was actually dried paint. No vacuum cleaner is going to pick them up!

With the brush thing attached I thought I would try it on my venetian blinds. I must have installed them over a year ago and have never once made an effort to clean them.

It was pretty good and fairly quick. Much better than using a duster. These 3 slats definitely look a lot less dustier.

Must admit, I did those 3 then stopped. I promise I will complete the job!

So, having put it through its paces the final decision is to either leave it looking professional, or give it the Henry look.

Shall I throw the stickers away?

Of course not. You don’t buy one of these and ignore Henry.

there he is!

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  1. Glad you put the face on. Do you know why they are so popular among cleaners?

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