Office & Living Room

Writing up the previous post I noticed a load of photos on my phone. I thought I had already written this up, but obviously not.
So, for the 4 people who may actually read what I write, I apologise for keeping things from you!

The Office in the flat was also going to hold the washing machine and tumble drier. I had already got all the plumbing sorted out for that.

As with previous rooms I installed the Quiet Floor system.

Once the OSB3 boards were in I started putting up a stud wall, metal again, to form the room.

As can be seen from the previous blog, my attempt at bricking up an entrance isn’t the way to go. I definitely need to add in some mortar.

This partition wall was pretty cheap to install as I had most things left over from other jobs. The plasterboard is a patchwork of different sorts.

I did fill the voids with acoustic roll.

The floor is heavily bowed. I bought loads of bags of self levelling compound, just to add even more weight!

Then, with left over carpet tiles from my kitchen project I laid them loose. It’s now obvious that there is no way a washing machine and tumble drier were ever going to fit in here (hence the ground floor utility room).
But, with the covid-19 lockdown and now working from home, I am pleased that I got this room set up just before hand.
Decoration wise, it looks shit. But it is a nice place to work 8 hrs a day.

For the Living Room, the first task was to lay all the Cat 6 cables to give me fast internet to the Office, but more importantly to my PlayStation and Netflix tv.

For a little while I had the TV aerial in the room. It’s now in the loft next to the other one. I decided the two TV’s I had should have their own big aerial, rather then split the cable into two.

I then started using up a load of scrap wood I had to box in the consumer unit / meter in the corner and to add some book shelves.

With a couple of rugs to split the living and dining areas, it’s a pretty good room. The only problem is the big sash windows. I wasn’t allowed to replace them, I had to retain the single pane glass.
I am right on the High Street, with cash machines and takeaways either side. It’s amazing how many cars will park outside and leave their engines running. That vibrates through the room. Or they kill the engine, but think all of Chatteris want to hear their car stereo. The bass boom can lift me off the sofa.
If I can get both engine and stereo, and have all the roof tops lined with collared doves and pigeons on full shouty shouty call outs, it’s the perfect storm for my head to explode.

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