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I need to brick up the other entrance to seal the walls of the new bathroom. I am so reluctant to use mortar!

Anyway, this blog is about building a another new partition wall. I did one previously to divide the new hall and bedroom. See the blog at

This time the wall is in the room above the shop. That room is 7 metres long, so sectioning off a metre to form a new corridor still leaves me with a big living room.

As before I am using metal studs. The top and bottom rails are old Gypsum ones I had. For the vertical C studs I bought Travis Perkins home variety. I fitted the top rail first, and its position was dictated by the ceiling joist running in the same direction as I wanted to fix it to that. The joist however, like all my joists sags massively in the middle. The metal frame isn’t going to bend to the joists and I cannot level up the joist so I will put wood wedges in the gaps.

The good thing about using metal is that it goes up quick, although getting it perfectly square is tricky. I thought I had nailed it, but the doorway is fractionally out. I knew it at this point but wasn’t much I could do about it.

This partition wall doesn’t need anything in the void, but it was a good opportunity to use up the left over insulation I had from the flat roof.

I ran out of the roof insulation half way through, but I had a lot of Loft roll insulation, so that would do for the other half. But I would need one side plasterboarding first otherwise it would never stay in.

Then the other side gets plasterboarded, but needs to be the opposite pattern to the other side. Not totally sure on the reason why but I did read it somewhere.

The picture above shows a new entrance that I put into the existing partition wall. My next blog will talk about that, and why it is angled that way!

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