Recycled Kitchen

I have now created my new kitchen in the flat. To do this as cheap as possible I recycled the kitchen I had downstairs.

I had already recycled it once to half move it into the room next door. Here’s a video of me using it as originally installed. This is from Oct 2016 when trying to bake a Victoria Sponge for our works Bake Off competition.

The second stab was my kitchen/office.

This time I started with laying a new floor covering.

The main choices that spring to mind here would be clay or porcelain tiles or vinyl sheeting. I went with office carpet tiles.

Most likely not very practical. But very cheap from B&Q, quick and easy to lay with just double sided sticky tape!

Next I put up some shelving.

and I used the original staircase that I had removed as the shelves. I am recycling everything.

so far, so good. I then tried installing the base corner unit.

All my plug socket locations were based on me buying a brand new kitchen, not recycling the old one. Therefore just about every edge hit a bit of conduit!.

I had to dismantle and rebuild the units so that they worked in reverse. Luckily this time they fitted.

I then worked on the area where the cooker is.

I did splash out here as I couldn’t use the one ring hob and single oven I already had. I bought a John Lewis cooker in the Black Friday deals. I had to cut down all the base units to fit.

Works pretty good. I used the narrow section to the right as a wine cellar. I did also buy from screwfix (there may be a branch in Chatteris soon !) a 900 x 750 slab of stainless steel splashback.

I didn’t want an overhead extractor fan. But to be honest, with the utter crap that the wall extractor fan is, and the cooker looks bald without its hat, I may have to invest in one.

Next I put up the wall units.

Then loaded up all my coffee machines.

The final touch was some venetian blinds that are in keeping with the office floor tiles.

I have run out of pics, but I did also use some of the breakfast bar so I have some where to perch for breakfast.

I then unpacked all 7 boxes of previous house kitchens and realised I have way too much stuff. Somehow I have 7 frying pans!

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