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The problem I have with my flat is that the front door is at the opposite side to the High Street. Nobody knows it’s there which is a problem when taking deliveries.

I wanted a video doorbell so that I could see who was there and speak to them via my mobile phone. Most of them are connected to your wi/fi. I need the doorbell on the ground floor and there is no signal there.

The Ring Elite doorbell uses an Ethernet cable to connect to my broadband and needs a POI (Power Over Internet) supply to operate it.
It does come with everything you need in the box. But I don’t have enough slots on my Virgin Router to supply any more devices. So the first thing I had to get was a POI switch.

I took the cable out of the back of my PC to supply it. Then connected back to the PC from the 1st slot on the switch. Worked fine.

The Elite is designed to be flush mounted into your brick wall. It comes with a really deep backing box.

I cannot use that.
So, my plan is to mount it in a waterproof box. Click on the box to open in Amazon (if they are still selling it)

Before starting the project I did a quick check that it actually worked.


Well, it lit up. When I pressed the doorbell button nothing happened on my mobile phone. I also bought the Ring Chime. That did make a noise.
When I first tried registering both these devices on the Ring App it failed, saying I needed to phone Support.
But, for some reason when the app itself installs it doesn’t give itself any permissions to access the phone. Bit daft, but easily rectified.

The first part of the project is cutting a square in the lid of the waterproof box.

I cut the card that came with the doorbell to the size of the opening. I then used a Silver marker pen. It need shaking a million times to get ink in the nib, then exploded silver paint over my nice new keyboard. Good Start!

Yep, that looks neat. Bound to be an accurate cut.

I clamped it in place then used my bosch multi cutter.

Well, pretty impressed with that.
Next, I drilled a couple of screw holes and connected it to two pieces of blue plastic that came with the massive blue backing box.

With that sorted, I could move onto the cable run.

I used 25mm conduit fittings.

The camera lens of the doorbell is supposed to be 48 inches up from ground level. I was just going to do a vertical drop down, but the post box lid would be in the way. So I had to add an angle to lower the position.

Think my lens is going to be about 50 inches, I just could not get it any lower.

I pressed the doorbell button again. Phone didn’t ring.

Seems my phone settings may not have been correct. This is what was recorded when I pressed the button. Me looking confused!

The video quality doesn’t look that good to me. But it’s okay. The lens height looks perfect though.

I’ll update this blog post after it’s been used a few times.

UPDATE 30th August 2020

I have to say that this Elite video doorbell is useless. No matter what settings I try on my mobile phone or desktop, the App will not open when someone rings the doorbell.
It activates the Chime well enough, but a non-video doorbell would achieve that at a much lower cost.

In conclusion I do not recommend this product. I’ll let Ring know at some point.

UPDATE 31st August 2020

On their Facebook page they say you can email them at help@ring.com
I do that and get an instant reply saying they do not support email anymore. It contains links for other methods of support, none of which work.

UPDATE 3rd October 2020

I noticed there is now a slim version of the Ring App called Rapid Ring. I thought I would give that a go -you never know, it may just work.
It didn’t.
However, I then installed it on my old Blackberry which is on Android 8. It actually worked! The main Ring App wouldn’t install last time I tried. This is great news, but does it mean the problem is with Android 10 or with my phone, a Black Shark 2.
I am guessing the latter otherwise Ring would have a massive problem on their hands, so I decided to gamble and buy a new phone, even though the Black Shark 2 is only a year and a half old.

I narrowed my choice down to the new Samsung S20 FE or the new Pixel 4a.
I went for the Pixel 4a as it is a lot cheaper, and the Android version is 11, and not really Changed. Samsung modify their version of Android, so I could have the same issues.

I can confirm the Pixel 4a works a treat. I now get notified when someone rings the doorbell.

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  1. I was thinking about getting one of these. I think with all the cabling needed I will stick to my old one.

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