Second Shed Base

Those that remember my blog on my first shed base, ready for the Beast Shed, here , well it turns out that wasn’t the best idea as the shed is sinking. It now tilts.

I now need a second shed base so time to call in the professionals.

First thing to do is demolish and level out the area at the rear of the property.

There are a couple of trees that need taking down. The other one has a haircut to begin with.

Rather than dismantle the old shed carefully it was attacked with a sledgehammer! – glass everywhere, so perfect for car tyres.

That all gets taken away and I am told the land is ready for the shed base.

If there was a big carpet back there the mess would have been swept under it. There isn’t, so I can see it’s not strictly cleared.

There is still foundations of the wall in place. The big tree isn’t fully removed. There are a lot of broken bricks scattered across the area where the shed base is going. Of course that will all be removed and a proper sub base set up.

The formwork is created and looks suspiciously like its been plonked on top of the crap. The wall foundations haven’t been removed so the base isn’t really where I want it.

Best time to start concreting a shed base is when it’s pissing down with rain. That way you can ensure all the cement gets washed away. Also, don’t do the entire base in a single day. This will give a lovely two-tone shade to it.

Good job I called in the professionals this time.

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