Smart Parcel Box

Last July I decided I needed a separate post box for the flat because the door to the flat is miles away from the high street and doesn’t have a letter box.

I bought the Smart Parcel Box because it could take my Amazon deliveries when not there and apparently all the delivery driver has to do is scan a bar code.

However, when it arrived it had clearly been dropped. The packaging was fine, so it had left their factory like it. The top part that lifts up is distorted and doesn’t shut properly. It’s also a lot bigger than I had visualised.

I couldn’t be bothered to send it back so just ignored it as it gathered dust.

Present day, and the need for one arises. Covid-19 has put restrictions on how deliveries are made, so today I removed an old gas heater and bolted this to the wall.

I filled the hole with a cut breeze block and mortared it in. Didn’t need to be neat and the postbox would cover it.

Putting it next to the gas meter box doesn’t make it stand out so much. I got a new sticker that said ‘POST’ to cover the one supplied, and would not come off. I would have preferred my sticker to be in a different place, but it’s okay.

The picture above shows how distorted the opening top part is. The main box is level with the brick work.

I now need to put it to the test. I am trying to clamp down on ordering non-essential items. I do need a video doorbell fixed in the same area as I have no way of knowing if somebody needs me to answer the door. It’s not essential, but Amazon are still making deliveries so I may go for it.

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