The 6k Job

I had a building company round to look at the work required for the shop. I had split the work into 3 jobs. The first job was the smallest. just stripping out everything in the existing shop.

I had seen their work on a similar project, which looked good. I thought, finally, I’ve found some good builders. To test the waters I asked them to quote on just the first job.
– Remove the partition wall
– Remove the toilet (I would cut off the water)
– Remove the electrics
– Remove the carpets

At worst this would be £2,000 or so I thought.
They came in with a price of £6,000
I just give up. I was planning on spending my holiday putting in the second half of the central heating system. Instead, I took on the £6k Job.

First up I took off all the plasterboard. That took no time at all.

Next was the shop toilet. It’s always been a disgusting thing as its a macerator.

It grinds everything up into juice and sends it down a normal waste pipe. The waste pipes on the other side of that wall terminate above the drain!

While I am doing the 6k job, I got Gas Monster back in to replace the soil stack (on the left) as the flat needs all the waste pipes sorting out for the new kitchen, utility room and bathroom. I’ll do a separate blog on that.

The toilet must have been leaking for years as the floorboards below are just rotten.

Next, the electrics need sorting out. Here, I am going to do more than the job was spec’d. I want to also connect the shop consumer unit to my ground floor electric circuits.

For that I needed a bit of help, so I drafted in my Nephew.

It took a full day but we managed to remove all the industrial conduit and lighting. Then connected to my DIY residential circuit.

There are a million cables running up into the room above. With the ground floor now separate, there should only be 3 cables – Lighting Circuit, Ring main Out, Ring Main In.

We took off the boxed in cover to reveal the cables.

The set of cables on the left were when the house was first wired up. Here the electrician was very neat, all perfectly in line. But the house was rewired in the 1990’s. Not so neat.

It was then a case of removing all the dead ones.
Next up on the job list was to remove the carpets.

This took a lot longer than I would have liked. The carpet was glued to hardboard sheets that were tacked to the floorboards. A lot of tacks were left in the floor that then needed removing.

On a separate note. I had a sound proofing company round to look at best methods to soundproof this room from my new living room above. There is a problem with all the timber cladding on the walls. Sound will penetrate through and up. I think this is called flanking.
I really do not want to take all the cladding down. An alternative will be to take down the coving. Then cut away around 120mm from the tops of the cladding. This way the soundbloc plasterboard can meet the bare brick.

Again, not part of the £6k job, but I stripped back all the timber where the consumer units and 3 phase supply is. As I cannot get UK Power Networks or EON to accept responsibility for the meter tails, I have decided to lay them myself.

I bought 5 meter length cables. Good job I did as there isn’t much slack. Not sure if there are any building regs about the length but I don’t have any other choice.

I wasn’t sure what do where the cables come through the room. I built a metal box and used a consumer unit gland to thread the cables through. I also bought some fire resistant meter backing boards.

So, in summary. This £6k job has cost me about £400 in hiring my nephew, buying materials and fuel for 5 runs to the tip.
But, I didn’t make any progress on the Central Heating.
However, I enjoyed working on the shop.

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