The Beast Shed – Review

The Company selling Beast Sheds have a number of different websites.

I bought from the Beastsheds website. First impressions were pretty good, mainly because they offer paying for your shed once it has been delivered and erected.
However, a week later they wanted me to pay 50% deposit as the shed was over £1,000. I find that really annoying.

They then give you a delivery slot. Mine was between 7am and 8am. Amazingly, they turned up as 7.30am.

It only took an hour and a half to put it altogether. I think it fills that area really well. Hiding a £2,000 fence with a £2,000 shed is perfectly sensible.

I went with 2 rows of shelves. It’s a bit of a design flaw though with this size shed as they cut across the door opening. But they are nice shelves.

The top shelf though was in no way level. It was 7-8 centimeters higher one end. I can see that the bolts for the door would have got in the way of the shelf bracket. Rather than adjust all the brackets, they just put the shelf on a slope! Going this high meant it then got in the way of another bolt, so they just drilled a hole.

So, I took the shelf down, moved all the brackets, and refitted it. Looks better, and it’s level.

Looking back at an old photo of that area of land, I think I have improved it.

I would definitely recommend this shed if you want the most robust one available. This is heavy duty.

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