Trussed Partition

The 7 metre timber partition wall above the shop needs an entrance putting in.

As I was unsure where the timber studs were I removed plaster to reveal them. There was however a diagonal stud.

I didn’t want to cut into that for now, so decided it would make an interesting shape opening.

I was original told that this wall was not a structural one. Then a builder told me it was structural because of the diagonal studs. But how can it be structural if there is nothing below it. Well, there is a steel rsj running at 90 degrees in the middle, but it cannot be holding the entire wall up.

So, further reading on timber partition walls and I think what I have is a Trussed Partition wall. This is a wall that is self-supporting and those diagonals play an important role in keeping the wall on the 1st floor and not falling into the shop below.

What follows now is a lesson in what not to do! The shape of the entrance looks daft and needs squaring off, so I decided I would cut into the important bit of timber.

I am not entirely mental, I did first try and shore up all the other timbers to help maintain its strength.

For now, the wall remains in place so I will give myself a pat on the back. Job well done!

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